I get asked a lot about how I meet goals. Or how to even get started. Here’s the…

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💡I get asked a lot about how I meet goals. Or how to even get started. Here’s the answer: you make a plan (more on this later) and then every single day you take a step.

One step. That’s it.

Becuase over time, the steps add up. Taking a step shatters that feeling of impossibility. It takes a brick off of the mental walls you’ve put up. When you take one step, your brain says, “Maybe I can.”

Then when you take another step the next day, your brain said, “Maybe I can today, too.”

Until you’ve taken so many steps you know you’ll meet your goal because you didn’t take that many steps just to quit. And even though you’re not done til you ride through the finish flags, you have a build-up of daily successes logged in your brain that you can remember when things get hard or when you set a new goal.

Not successes because everyting went right. Successes becuase you kept going. You were resilient. Every day you took one more step, no matter what. 💪

I asked in my stories the other day if any of you felt like you’d been treading water for a long time and had only moments of reprieve when it felt like someone threw you a life preserver. 90% of you said yes. I’m right there with you lately! You’re not alone in the way you feel. 🖤

An important part of taking these steps every day is recognizing when we are treading water. Running on empty. Wanting to gallop back to the barn when you know that’s the very last thing you should do.

Can you take a smaller step? Can you ask for help with the next step? Is the next logical step a rest? If you don’t know how to answer this, grab a pen and a journal and write it out. 📝 Not on your phone (I know, I know, this is annoying to me too) but with actual pen and actual paper. It makes a difference.

💡Figure out where you can build in one of your own life preservers (smaller steps, asking for help, resting).

Because eventually, you’ll run out of gas, you’ll run out of energy to tread, and you’ll gallop back to the barn. And all of those things will cost you more time and energy than they would have if you’d just rested in the first place. 👎

Is your next step a step of action 🎬? Or a step of rest 😴?

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