These two handsome devils were asking for a photoshoot today! There names are …

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These two handsome devils were asking for a photoshoot today! 😍
There names are Rainbow Crystal (left) and Helmet (right) named by my children. They tried to name the black rooster Humpy and wanted to name our new sheep Horny but we had them try again 😂😅😆

I get TONS of questions about roosters so here are some roo roo facts for you all:

🐓Roosters are required to fertilize eggs. Just like humans, the man needs to get the sperm to the egg for that to happen. When rooster mount hens, that’s what they are doing. Breeding, not attacking them although some roosters are pretty rough and will make their combs bleed.

🐓You can still collect and eat eggs that have been fertilized by a rooster. They won’t develop until they sit at about 93 degrees for a few days.

🐓Roosters are not all mean and aggressive, but some are. I have found raising multiple roosters together from chicks or raising a chick rooster with an older well behaved gentleman usually gives a good rooster – good around people and good and gentle with the hens. No guarantees though.

🐓 You can have more than one rooster, again this is easiest when they grow up together or when you raise chicks with adults. Otherwise you’re sure to have a bloodbath on your hands if you toss two in the coop together.

🐓I like having a rooster because they keep the hens together and will protect them as best they can against predators.

🐓Roosters don’t just crow when the sun comes up, they crow all the damn time, whenever they want too. Andy LOVES this about roosters. (He doesn’t) 😂

Questions?! Ask below! Share your rooster tips too!

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