This is our third home and property we’ve owned. The first one was a double wide…

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This is our third home and property we’ve owned. The first one was a double wide on five acres. The house and land was a wreck, a total disaster.

We worked and worked and worked that land. That house. All of it. (See a small bit on my garden 2018 highlight). It taught us a lot about what we wanted and didn’t want.

Then, it was time to sell. We knew it was time to sell but there was nothing to buy. So we settled for a big and nice but ugly house just up the road on an acre and a half because we didn’t know what else to do. And we waited. And made it pretty. And about three months after we bought it, Andy and I looked at each other and said “this isn’t what we want. To much house, too little land.”

So we waited and then when the time was right, we moved again to this place.

This house feels like the perfect mix. Old house. Smaller sized. Bigger acreage (small to me, but I want 1 million acres 🤣).

We’ve never had this combination of space + a comfortable home. (Comfort pending, hence the remodel 😂 but much more doable than what we’ve dealt with before).

All this to say, even though it’s crazy, we’re happy to be here. Grateful for the space. And the views.

And the old bones of a cool house that’s 110 years old, the same age as the antique baby grand piano I found dirt cheap on FB marketplace last summer. 😊

Sometimes life sucks and it feels like nothings working out. This has been hard. Hard to move. Hard getting set up here. But stepping back snd looking through my camera roll helps me see the big picture.

Like how sometimes, life works out in really subtle and beautiful ways.
How have you seen that lately? ✨

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